Round Fish are cylindrical – round in the centre of their body. This then tapers to a tail. Many of the fish found in UK waters are round fish. Examples of Round fish include: Cod, Bass, Whiting, Pollack, Mackerel, Red Mullet, Gurnard, Bream, Trout.

Sea bass

Sea bass is one of the most popular round fish available. Most sea bass is now farmed and comes from the Mediterranean. Local European wild sea bas...

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Sardine image


Sardines are a small pelagic species that are particularly common in Mediterranean cooking. In recent years the Cornish fishery has been revitalise...

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Image of salmon


Atlantic salmon is one of the most commonly farmed European fish species, and has grown enormously in popularity since the industry started in the ...

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Loch Etive Trout

Scottish seafood is widely recognised as the best in the world. Loch Etive Trout are testament to this, grown in stunning surroundings, on a small ...

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Meagre is farmed in Turkey and France, Meagre is generally available all year round but can be subject to over-harvesting. Meagre is commonly used ...

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Red Mullet

Red Mullet is a round fish and a highly seasonal species, often caught as by-catch in the Atlantic ocean. Red Mullet availability varies throughout...

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Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi are pelagic, white fish. Mahi Mahi are round fish, caught via long line. Mahi Mahi are known as Blue Dolphin Fish in the Caribbean.

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Mackerel are round, pelagic fish caught by line or pelagic trawled. Mackerel are very streamlined in shape with a blue/silver colour skin with dark...

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Exotic Red Mullet (Goatfish)

Goatfish from the Indian Ocean is commonly used as a replacement for Red Mullet as the availability is much more consistent as, with it being from ...

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Pollock is part of the cod family however Pollock is not as abundant as cod, but is caught using the same methods such as line caught or mid-water ...

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Pouting is by-catch. The flesh of this small white fish is commonly used in fish pie mix due to its size. Pouting is mid water trawled or otter tra...

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Ling are round fish which are caught by demersal trawler in the North East Atlantic. Ling are usually available all year round. Suitable species of...

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John Dory

John Dory are demersal, round fish. John Dory tend to be caught via demersal trawling in the North East Atlantic, where they are most abundant and ...

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Hake are round fish caught via static net in Cornwall, or demersal trawled in Scottish waters. MSC Hake is available and the fish is most abundant ...

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Fresh haddock


Haddock are round fish caught via line or mid-water trawled in the North East Atlantic. Haddock is at its best value for money in the Autumn to Spr...

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Gurnard – Red/Tub/Grey

Gurnard come in a variety of types including Red Gurnard, Tub Gurnard and Grey Gurnard. They are demersal fish and are at their best value from Oct...

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Skrei cod fresh

Skrei Cod

Skrei is a type of Norwegian Cod, in season from January to April each year. Skrei is pronounced ‘Sk-rey’ and the meaning of ‘Skr...

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Cobia are round fish, Global Gap certified and farmed in saltwater in the Central West Atlantic. As Cobia are reared using Aquaculture they tend to...

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Chalkstream trout

ChalkStream® Trout

Harvested by hand in Hampshire, ChalkStream® trout are a heritage, British fish that offer a delicious, healthy, and responsibly reared menu optio...

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Norwegian Fjord Trout

Fjord Trout is known as the “The Jewel of the Norwegian Fjords” and has become a favourite amongst gastronomes all over the world. Fjord Trout ...

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Gilthead Bream

Gilthead Bream are also known as Dorade or Royal Bream. Gilthead Bream are a round, warmwater fish which are farmed in the Mediterranean. As Gilthe...

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Black Bream

Black Bream is a demersal, round fish that lives in shallow, temperate saltwater in the North East Atlantic. Black Bream are commonly line caught, ...

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Barramundi is a round fish – similar to Wild Sea Bass. Barramundi are generally farmed in freshwater and available with Global Gap certificat...

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Anchovies are small, round, pelagic, oily fish, with a strong taste. Available all year round, Anchovies are generally caught via Purse Seine fishi...

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Herrings are pelagic, round fish caught via purse seine fishing and available with MSC certification making them a sustainable fish choice.


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Fresh coley


Coley are round fish, caught in the North East Atlantic by demersal trawlers. It is possible to achieve a yield of 55% from a whole Coley fish (wit...

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Cod is a round fish which lives in cold / salt water and is generally wild caught but can also be farmed. The majority of Cod is caught in the Nort...

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