What is Sea Bass?

Sea bass is one of the most popular round fish available. Most sea bass is now farmed and comes from the Mediterranean. Local European wild sea bass is currently viewed as a highly endangered species. This is due to too much overfishing over the past 10-15 years. Fishermen now face significant restrictions on the volumes of wild sea bass they are allowed to catch. The farmed species offers a valuable alternative therefore. In the past, farmed sea bass were limited to small fish under one kilo. However, many farms are now producing larger fish – from 1-2 kilos up to 3-4 kilos in weight.

Sea bass offers a sweet, medium taste.

Latin Name

Dicentrarchus Labrax


Sea bass is farmed in the Mediterranean and available all year round.


An alternative to sea bass would be gilthead bream.

Popular Sea Bass Questions

Does sea bass taste like cod?

Sea bass has a delicate mild flavour with a hint of sweetness that is similar to cod. The flesh is moist and tender with firm medium sized flakes.

How big do seabass get?

Sea basses vary in size. They can grow up to a maximum of 2 metres and weighing over 200 kg .

Why is bass called sea bass?

Many species of fish share the name bass. The term encompasses both marine and freshwater species, that come under the unbrella of perch – llike fishes. The actual word derives from Middle English bars, meaning ‘perch’.

What is a sea bass also known as ?

Sea bass is a term used for the family as a whole. The fishes within have a variety of names such as hind, graysby, grouper,hamlet, jewfish and cony along with sea bass and bass.

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