What is Gurnard?

Gurnard come in a variety of types including Red Gurnard, Tub Gurnard and Grey Gurnard. They are demersal fish and are at their best value from October to March. Gurnard are caught using a range of fishing methods including; static nets, otter trawled, or bottom trawled.

The average yield from a Gurnard can be 35% and alternatives would be Cod or Monkfish. Gurnard have a very firm, muscular texture – similar to monkfish. The aroma of Gurnard is light as is the flavour, with a fairly dry flesh.

Latin Name

Red Gurnard: Chelidonichthys cuculus

Tub Gurnard: Chelidonichthys lucerna

Grey Gurnard: Eutrigla gurnardus


Gurnard are available and at best value from March to October.


Alternative species to Gurnard would be any Cod Like Species.