All our fishmongers are fully trained in knife skills, filleting, skinning and boning of all types of fish and seafood.

We like to assist our customers in training and product knowledge therefore we offer our customers locally-based training at each of our fishmonger businesses. All courses are free to Direct Seafoods customers and can include:


Product Training

Detailed species training or more light-hearted ‘fish identification quizzes help to increase your teams knowledge and understanding of fish.

How to Fillet a Hake (Round Fish).

Market Visit

The majority of our businesses are near to fish auctions where we are able to arrange visits for our customers to experience the early morning markets and how the fish is bought each day.


Skills School

Fish preparation and training day (Chef’s Fish Skill School)

Our most popular course, ‘Chef’s Fish Skills School’, is open to chefs of all levels, from Commis to Head Chef and also to front of house staff.

How to Butterfly Fillet a Sardine.


Who Should Attend?

The course is open to chefs of all levels from Commis to Head Chef and to front of house staff.



This fish preparation course is free of charge to Direct Seafoods customers.

Difference Between Gross and Net Weight.


Course Details

Example Itinerary:

– 4.30am: Meet at local fish market*. Breakfast provided, followed by a tour of the market and species identification.

– 6.00am: Depart market for local fishmonger business. Inductions, followed by provision of protective clothing before entering the fish processing area.

– Tour of the local fishmonger premises with preparation demonstrations given by our skilled fishmongers.


  • Descaling and gutting different species of fish
  • Filleting and boning different species of fish
  • Skinning fish fillets
  • Portioning fillets into darnes and suprêmes

– Refreshment break

– Q&A session

– 11.00am: Course ends

– All chefs will be fully supervised at all times by the local fishmonger’s skilled fishmongers.*Subject to local fishmonger’s representative’s availability



Each course has a maximum of four places and runs for half a day.

Please contact your local Direct Seafoods depot for further information or to book onto a Chef’s Fish Skills School course.