Modern Slavery And Human Trafficking Statement – Bidfresh Limited 2017/2018

This statement is being published in accordance with section 54(1) of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. This statement is the first to be published as Bidfresh Limited. Two previous statements have been produced by the seafood branch of the company, Direct Seafoods, and two have been published by Oliver Kay, Bidfresh’s largest produce business. The statement covers the financial year commencing 1 July 2017 and ending 30 June 2018, but also summarises some of the actions from Direct Seafoods’ and Oliver Kay’s previous statements, as well as some of the activities that have occurred across the Bidfresh group since the end of the financial year.


Research developed by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Walk Free Foundation, and the International Office for Migration (IOM) suggests that more than 40 million people around the world were victims of modern slavery in 2016, with almost 25 million of those victims exploited in forced labour – the most common element of modern slavery. The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 looks to tackle this international atrocity, by making large UK companies accountable for the workers in their supply chains, where modern slavery is often hidden. The Act requires companies to publish an annual report setting out the steps being taken to ensure that trafficked men, women and children are not operating in their supply chains and to give details of any due diligence being conducted to avoid forced, bonded, or slave labour. There have been many reported instances of slavery globally in the farming, agricultural, and fishing industries, including in the UK, making this a highly pertinent issue to Bidfresh. Although the group has a zero tolerance approach to conducting business with any organisation that knowingly utilises any form of modern slavery, we know that due diligence and collaboration with suppliers must occur to detect and stamp out any labour abuses potentially hidden further down the chain.

Our Business And Organisational Structure

Bidfresh supplies fresh produce, fish, meat, and dairy products to chefs throughout the UK, from specialist businesses local to the customer. Bidfresh Limited was created in 2010 when Bidvest (a public owned business in South Africa) purchased Seafood Holdings Limited in the UK. Bidvest saw the benefits in the model adopted by Seafood Holdings and decided to create similar businesses in meat and produce. Bidvest unbundled its food service assets on 30th May 2016 into Bidcorp Limited which is 2 listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Bidcorp Limited’s (‘Bidcorp’) listing provides shareholders with the opportunity to participate directly in Bidcorp’s foodservice operations as well as enabling the business to achieve its strategic goals. Bidfresh has since acquired a number of businesses in meat and produce and is looking to further broaden its footprint across the British Isles. Bidfresh has adopted a decentralised model of management which encourages the entrepreneurial spirit contained in each of its businesses. Each business is directly responsible for its product range, its buying and sales approach. Businesses retain their local brand, tone of voice, look and feel. The cultural differences are important to differentiate the regional locations. However, many of the back office functions are centralised. The businesses that are acquired are specialist in either their region or their product range. All the businesses primarily focus on the restaurant and catering trade. A full list of our businesses and brands can be found on our website,

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