What is Monkfish?

Although Monkfish are not technically flat, visually they appear flatter than Round Fish and reside on the seabed like other Flat Fish. Monkfish are a demersal trawled species found throughout the UK with the most important catch areas being South West England, and North & West Scotland. Monkfish is generally available all year round. Monkfish can grow large, to over 12kg in size, with the head normally being over 50% of the total weight. The head provides Monkfish cheeks which is deemed as a delicacy across most of Europe. Monkfish tail has a meaty, non-flakey texture.

Latin Name

Lophius Piscatorius


Monkfish is best quality and value during the Spring and Summer


Monkfish is a very unique species so alternatives are not available, however for flavour comparison, Langoustine may provide a substitute

Monkfish Recipes