What is Flounder?

Flounders are saltwater, flat fish caught by bottom trawling or static net. They are usually in abundance from the North East Atlantic in the Summer and Autumn months. Flounder has an aroma of pepper or wood. They have a musty, spicy depth of flavour which tends to come from the darker meat at the top of the fillet.

The texture of Flounder meat is failry soft with an initial moisture leading to a crumbly feel in the mouth. Flounder is best served skinned, filleted and fried, and served with robust vegetables such as kale. Flounder is very similar to Plaice, making it a good alternative along with Dabs.

Latin Name

Platichthys flesus


Flounders are most abundant in the Summer and Autumn


Alternative species to Flounder are Plaice, Dab.

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