What is Megrim Sole?

Megrim sole are the economy version of the sole family. They are often landed as a by-catch with dover sole and lemon sole. Megrims are a fairly deep water fish with delicious tender meat.

Megrim offers a mild taste.

Latin Name

Species of Lepidorhombus Whiffogonia


Megrim sole has best availability from April to October.


Lemon sole, plaice or dover sole are good alternatives to megrim sole.

Popular Megrim Sole Questions

What does megrim sole taste like?

Firm fish with a very similar to Dover sole but less in price.

How many eyes does a Dover sole have?

The dover sole has two eyes on the same side of its head.

What is a megrim sole?

Megrim sole is also known as a Cornish sole, this flatfish lives in deep water and are commonly caught off the cornish coast.

Is megrim sole sustainable?

Stocks of Megrim are healthy and current fishing levels are considered to be sustainable.

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