What is a Brill?

Brill is a flat fish which is part of the Turbot family. Brill have more of an oval shape, and unlike the turbot, the skin of a Brill fish is completely smooth. Brill are generally found in the North East Atlantic, off the South and West coast of Britain. They are fished via gill net or trawled. When it comes to seasonality, Brill tends to be available all year round from the North East Atlantic, but will be more abundant and better value from Autumn to Spring months.

Brill has a medium flavour which is slightly sweeter than the flavour of Turbot. It is advisable to avoid eating the skin of a Brill due to its rough, bitter texture. Alternative species with a similar texture and taste to use instead of Brill would be Turbot. Brill tend to be a lower priced alternative to Turbot.


Latin Name

Scophthalmus Rhombus


Brill is available year round but is most abundant from September to May.


An alternative to Brill is Turbot.

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