Molluscs are animals with a soft body and no spine. Molluscs are often covered with a shell. Many molluscs live in water. Examples of molluscs include; Clams, Cockles, Oysters and Cuttlefish.



Mussels are produced in many areas around the UK, including Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall and Devon. With the exception of Scottish cultivated...

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Native Oysters

Native Oysters have a season to purchase from 1st September to 30th April, the rest of the year they are spawning. Native Oysters are usually harve...

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Rock Oysters

There are many brands of the Pacific Rock Oyster species, all of which are visually different, and on most occasions the taste is affected by the a...

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Cockles are a Benthic (sea bed residing), crustacean, found in saltwater. Cockles are hand gathered or light dredged and MSC certification is avail...

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Clams – Palourde

Clams – Palourde are also known as Carpet Shell Clams. Clams are molluscs and are cultivated on the South Coast of the UK, in the North East ...

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Razor Clam

Razor clams are so called because their shape resembles a cut-throat razor.  They are typically collected by hand. Razor Clams are usually availab...

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