What are Cockles?

Cockles are a Benthic (sea bed residing), crustacean, found in saltwater. Cockles are hand gathered or light dredged and MSC certification is available. Cockles are most abundant from September to April. Alternatives to Cockles would be Clams. Cockles have a mild scent, similar to Cod combined with a somewhat ‘burnt-wood’ aroma.

Texture wise, Cockles have a grittiness in the core which gives the smooth flesh more of a bite. The flavour of Cockles is floral-like and sweet yet very mild meaning they require strong flavoured ingredients to give character to the dish.

Latin Name

Cerastoderma Edule


Cockles are most abundant from September to April.


An alternative to Cockles are Clams.

Popular Cockles questions

How to store Cockles?

On arrival, rinse the shellfish in cold water and allow to drain. Do not store shellfish in tap water as they will die. Once drained, transfer to preferably a metal or glass container as this will be colder than a plastic container, place in the fridge and cover with a suitable, damp covering, to stop the shellfish drying out. Shellfish live in the sea – they do not live in a fridge so the more they are looked after, the better they will keep!