What are Mussels?

Mussels are produced in many areas around the UK, including Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall and Devon. With the exception of Scottish cultivated, the Mussel beds, or ropes, are in-shore. Mussels are hugely seasonal, and spawn in the warm summer months. As a very good rule, the yield, survival rate and general all round quality of Mussels is much better if the month has an ‘R’ in. Months without an ‘R’ are generally the spawning period for Mussels.

Latin Name

Mytilus Edulis


An easy rule to remember is that Mussels are out of season during the months without an ‘r’! So best availability is from September to April


Clams offer an alternative to Mussels

Popular Mussels Questions

How to store Mussels?

On arrival, rinse the shellfish in cold water and allow to drain. Do not store shellfish in tap water as they will die. Once drained, transfer to preferably a metal or glass container as this will be colder than a plastic container, place in the fridge and cover with a suitable, damp covering, to stop the shellfish drying out. Shellfish live in the sea – they do not live in a fridge so the more they are looked after, the better they will keep!

Mussels Recipes