What are Rock Oysters?

There are many brands of the Pacific Rock Oyster species, all of which are visually different, and on most occasions the taste is affected by the area they are grown in. They are cultivated in cages on the sea bed, all around the UK, close to shore. Rock Oysters can be eaten year round, however in spawning periods during the summer months, the meat content becomes very milky pre-spawning and very empty post-spawning. Throughout the warmer months the ability of the oyster to survive out of water is reduced and survival rate will be lower

Latin Name

Crassostrea gigas


Rock Oysters are most abundant from September to April


Native Oyster

Popular Rock Oysters Questions

How to store Rock Oysters?

On arrival, rinse the shellfish in cold water and allow to drain. Do not store shellfish in tap water as they will die. Once drained, transfer to preferably a metal or glass container as this will be colder than a plastic container, place in the fridge and cover with a suitable, damp covering, to stop the shellfish drying out. It is always best to have your oysters stored the correct way up – flat side at the top – to stop the Oyster opening. Shellfish live in the sea – they do not live in a fridge so the more they are looked after, the better they will keep!