Supplier Spotlight | Severn & Wye

Our supplier focus today is the brilliant Severn and Wye Smokery who supply us with delicious smoked fish. We are proud to have worked closely with Severn & Wye for 25 years, with successful product developments for customers and special events.

We have been lucky enough to visit the smokery many times, which is situated on the edge of the Royal Forest of Dean, between the rivers Severn and Wye. It’s always fantastic to see the practices involved and the traditional methods used for curing & smoking

Notably, we have together found a way of recycling to produce energy! The vans that deliver our smoked salmon orders each day, return with any broken wooden pallets we no longer need, and are used by Severn and Wye as energy for their furnace to heat their premises. No extra food miles are used as it is taken back on the return route. We are proud to be part of this sustainability journey with them.