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Our spring Catch-Up ( covering March to May ) is available now providing fish market information and seafood industry news. The spring edition features seasonal updates on all the farmed and wild species of fish and shellfish, along with info on deli lines and a selection of the latest industry stories from around the world!

The spring season is warmly welcomed by most of us. As the evenings become lighter and the temperature warms up, we look forward to enjoying some time outside after work and sitting in pub gardens. Spring is not, however, the best time for many fish species. It is extraordinarily difficult to confidently recommend any species for use throughout the next three months as we see significant changes in quality due to spawning patterns during the season. The waters will start to warm and this can have an adverse effect on a number of species. Additionally the Easter holidays see demand, and therefore prices, increasing on some of the key lines. That being said, the difficult economic climate we are all facing is expected to supress demand to some degree. We are hopeful that this will see prices stabilise or reduce in coming months. We must, however, remain cautious, as there remains a level of volatility throughout the supply chain. This can create issues at any time.

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