Hazelnut crusted Brill, served with Jerusalem Artichoke, Duck Yolk and Eryngii Mushroom.

Hazelnut and artichoke goes really well with Brill. It makes a good autumnal / winter dish. 

The meaty grilled Eryngii mushrooms and fried artichoke skins bring an earthiness, and the duck yolk is a nice bit of indulgence. Fresh brill is firm and juicy and is satisfying to eat with these garnishes.

Hazelnut crusted Brill dish


Cooking: 45 (Prep & Cook Time)

Serves: 4


  • Peeled Artichokes - 1k (keep the skins)
  • Fillets of Brill - 4
  • Toasted hazelnuts - 60g
  • Panko bread crumbs - 150g
  • Butter - 110g
  • Truffle oil -
  • Softened button mushrooms - 90g
  • Eryngli mushrooms - 4
  • Duck eggs - 4
  • Yuzu for seasoning -


Full ingredients

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1. Cook the artichokes in salted boiling water till tender, blitz well with a little cream till smooth

2.Wash the artichoke skins well and dry, then fry at 190c till crisp and keep warm

3.Blitz together the toasted hazelnuts, mushrooms, butter & truffle oil, roll between parchment and freeze, then cut and place over the fish portions

4.Using a water bath, cook the duck eggs in the shell at 65c for 1 hour.

5.Cut the Eryngii in half and grill them, season and keep warm.

6. Place the brill with the crust under the grill and cook until the crust is golden – (approx 3 minutes), allow to rest. Break open the egg and discard the white, gently revealing a cooked yolk and serve everything together on the plate. Use a little artichoke puree let down for a sauce (add a little yuzu juice to the sauce for acidity).

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