Butter poached Glitne halibut with new season asparagus, broad beans and potatoes with a mint hollandaise sauce

GLITNE love their smaller sized halibut. They commonly use it for high profile events and fine dining experiences with talented seafood chefs – many taking place of late. The feedback from guests is always very positive and we truly believe this halibut size has great potential.

Halibut are flat fish, commonly farmed in the North East Atlantic. They are in their prime from September to May. Halibut has a clean aroma, yet an assertive, steak-like flavour. The flesh is muscular, yet tender and delicate, and provides a high level of moisture.

Order Glitne halibut from your local Direct Seafoods depot using the product code; 01HALG1K00 HALIBUT FARMED: GLITNE – HEAD ON 1-3KG (KG)

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