Plaice is an amazing fish battered or fried. With the local markets reporting fat flat fish being landed, the summer really is the time to have this very distinctive flat fish on the menu. 

Deep fried plaice dish

Preparation: 10 minutes

Cooking: 6 minutes

Serves: 4


  • Plaice fillets - x 4, skinned (170-200g each)
  • Fresh limes - x 2
  • Sweet chilli sauce -
  • Chips -
  • FISH BATTER MIX (gluten free)
  • Gluten free self raising flour - 350g
  • Corn flour - 100g
  • Turmeric - 2g
  • Salt - 15g
  • Sparkling water - 660ml


Full ingredients

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 1. Mix the dry ingredients together and gently whisk in the sparkling water. 

2. Set fat fryer temperature to 185° . 

3. Pass fish through batter and slowly lower (do not drop) into hot oil. Gently agitate the fish, which will give the batter a rippled texture. Once lowered 2/3 of the way, allow the Plaice to drop into the oil fully. 

4. Allow to fry for 4-6 minutes. 

5. Assemble the other ingredients. 

6. Lift battered Plaice onto a cooling rack to allow excess oil to drain. 

7. Serve fried Plaice with grilled lime, sweet chilli sauce, & chips. Grilling the lime gives a new level of flavour acidity which will complement the Plaice. 

8. Serve with buttered sourdough bread. 

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