Chefs and hospitality businesses are responding to the challenges of the current trading environment by making the most of fresh produce and innovative dishes.

Our new Fresh Food Trends Report 2023 spotlights ways the sector is using high quality produce to raise its menu game and persuade cash-strapped consumers to dine out.

Combining the insight of our experience along with our friends at Oliver Kay – greengrocers, and Campbell Brothers butchers, the report sets out to demonstrate the many ways in which hospitality is responding to the challenges of the current trading environment, as well as how to stay ahead of the curve. 

Jane Aukim, Head of Marketing said: “It’s incredibly refreshing to see that although consumers are under much financial strain when dining out, they are still keeping sustainability as a priority in 2023, along with reducing their food waste and supporting local by choosing British produce. Our hard-working British farmers and producers continue to be faced with unprecedented challenges, so I’m pleased to see they are at the forefront of consumers’ minds and that we as an industry are focussed on supporting them.

“Despite a universal tightening of the purse strings, the ‘wow factor’ trend will allow chefs to use their creativity when building their menus. Dining out has become a highly valued luxury for many, so it will be important for chefs to consider how they can evolve their dishes and adhere to the more mindful choices consumers are making, whilst adding a twists and sense of occasion to their menu options.”

The fresh food trends report has been created to help support chefs and operators in planning for the year ahead. It has been compiled using exclusive sales data from Bidfresh’s specialist businesses who supply thousands of chefs throughout Britain each day. The report features insights into the best sellers and rising star products within the fresh ingredients world. Including the latest product growth predictions across seafood, the changing demand and current costs and opportunities surrounding meat, and what’s selling well and when in the world of fresh fruit and vegetables. It also advises on key menu trends for 2023, supported by dish inspiration.

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