What are Crayfish?

Crayfish tend to be farmed in freshwater, usually in China, and command a premium price. As they are produced using Aquaculture, they are available all year round. The flavour of Crayfish is sweet and alternative species would be Langoustines or King Prawns.

Crayfish flesh on the outer is a deep red colour, with a pale white inner flesh. The flesh of a Crayfish is very juicy but becomes dry quickly. The aroma is mild and give a luxurious, rich taste similar to fresh fungi – a flavour which is richer in the redder part of the flesh.

Latin Name

Species of family: Astacidae, Parastacidae, Austrostacidae, Cambaridae.


Crayfish are farmed in China and therefore are usually available all year round.


Langoustine or King Prawns can act as alternatives to Crayfish.