As an alternative to mussels whilst they are out of season, clams offer your customers the shellfish hit they want on a warm summer night.

The Dorset Shellfish Company is based in Poole, Dorset, offering clams across the UK. They are one of the leading manila clam specialists in the country,
offering freshly caught clams 365 days a year.

Manila clams are medium sized, with yellow, white, and brown colours. Their common name is palourde clams. They are a chef’s favourite choice because of their sweet taste, along with their ease of opening after being steamed. They also have a long shelf life in comparison to other shellfish, and will aesthetically complement any plate due to their beautiful shell colours. These clams offer a real taste of the sea with their fresh, salty aroma.

For more information on clams visit our fish glossary section where you can find interesting details on palourde clams and razor clams.

Use Direct Seafoods’ MSC Clams by ordering using product code; 03CLAP00K0A MSC-CLAM: PALOURDE (KG) 

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