Seafood Week runs from 4th – 11th October, and gives us all the chance to celebrate the wonderful fish and seafood available to us. Our development chef has worked up a selection of fishy recipes to help inspire your menus and show your customers just how fantastic seafood can be! Seafood week runs each year and is led by Seafish. Get involved with seafood week by contacting your local Direct Seafoods depot, or visiting


There are many varieties of the pacific rock oyster – all of which are visually slightly different. The taste is usually influenced by the area in which they are grown. They are cultivated in cages on the sea bed close to the shoreline. Given the variety of areas in which they are grown in the UK, local rock oysters are great option for most menus. They are also a sustainable species with an MCS rating of 1!


For more information on oysters and other shellfish visit our fish glossary section.


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