What are Cuttlefish?

Cuttlefish are demersal trawled Cephalopods that live in saltwater. Cuttlefish tend to be more readily available from December to August and offer a great, low cost protein. As a guide the approximate yield achievable from Cuttlefish is 30%. The taste of Cuttlefish is light, sweet and delicate. Alternatives to Cuttlefish are Squid and Octopus.

The aroma of Cuttlefish is sweet with a firm flesh that becomes more creamy towards the centre. Cuttlefish are often readily available, with landings into the UK coast, although widely used in Italy and Spain they are under-used in UK catering.

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Cuttlefish are more often available December to August.


Alternatives species to Cuttlefish could be Octopus and Squid.

Cuttlefish Recipes