You will be aware of reports over the weekend of alleged animal welfare breaches at trout farms including Test Valley Trout who supply ChalkStream® and Trafalgar fisheries.

We have contacted these suppliers and have received the following statements:

ChalkStream®: “We found the images on the film distressing and extremely concerning. We expect our suppliers to adhere to the highest standards when it comes to the welfare and management of fish we source from them. Since this film has come to light we have stopped all orders from the suppliers in question and have initiated immediate and urgent discussions with the farms around new safeguards and supplier commitments. We will only re-engage with them as a supplier when we are certain that their product complies with the standards that we require and that appropriate new safeguards are in place.”

The supplier has confirmed this morning that all harvesting has been suspended and that the RSPCA are currently at sites carrying out further audits. We will be informed of the outcome of these audits once they have been completed Trafalgar Fisheries: This statement is made in respect of an approach to us by a journalist from The Times newspaper concerning allegations made by VIVA, which we understand you are aware of. VIVA alleges that we prioritise profit over the welfare of our fish, mistreat our rainbow trout and that we are in clear breach of RSPCA welfare standards and Quality Trout UK Guidelines. Such allegations are wholly untrue. Only yesterday, 28 January 2021, the RSPCA inspected our fisheries and found that there was no non-compliance with their guidelines. In addition, a DEFRA vet audited our fisheries today and commented that “I am perfectly happy with all the systems in place”. In addition, the supplier has also confirmed that the RSPCA are currently on-site and we will be informed of the outcome of this audit once completed.

We would like to assure all our customers that we are committed to buying from high welfare sources and actively engage across the industry to promote ongoing improvement in welfare and sustainability. To this ends, our supplier approval process includes the review of welfare practices through certification to standards including RSPCA assured and Global GAP. We will continue to monitor this situation closely.